What is included?

1. Lean Canvas

Business idea is easely deconstructed into its key assumptions via the adapted model canvas allowing you to trace the components and interconnections of the vital parameters of the business.

2. Business Model

Well-structured approach to analyse your business encapsulated in the app guiding you through the analysis process.

3. SWOT analysis

Risk-resistant approach gives you an opportunity to get ahead of mistakes and provides a chance to enhance the top qualities of your business.

4. Financial forecast

Get ahead of your finances flow - create and elaborate your clear plan to handle your income like a pro.

5. Business plan

Every step of your business analysis journey is compiled into a printable and fully editable Business plan. Polish it up by adding the valuable details using the app guidance and built-in template.


Bizezi app gives the tools to develop your business idea and build a strong business plan to share your vision.
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