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The best tool to bring your business idea to life.

Your journey begins with a
Business idea
Does it work?
The Bizezi web app allows you to build up your business model, weigh the chances and predict the revenue!

SWOT analysis

Insight into strengths and weaknesses

Business Model Canvas

Survey and validate the business idea

Financial forecast

Prove your success, Costs vs Revenue
Each step contains a number of tips and suggestions to support you and give you more confidence in your business or business idea.
Once all the steps are completed, you’re ready to generate a Business Plan.
Just click a button and magic will happen!
Back up your idea with a
Business Plan
You’d need to validate your idea and plan your strategy to make sure your business will thrive. This is a crucial step of every startup, especially if you are going to apply for a bank loan.

See why people rely on Bizezi

"The Bizezi app is extremely useful when developing a solid business plan. It has divided and covered all the primary points within the body of a plan and made it easy to add key words that apply specifically to your business, creating a plan based on the info you provide. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to create a solid business plan with ease."
Maraea · Auckland, New Zealand
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