B!zezi gives you guidance through knowledge

Pick your starting point and lets get started!

Bizezi Lite
50 USD / year
4 x 12.5 USD
paid by instalments
every 2 weeks
BM Canvas
Progress tracker
Bizezi Standard
75 USD / year
4 x 18.75 USD
paid by instalments
every 2 weeks
All Lite features
Financial Forecast
Bizezi Gold
100 USD / year
4 x 25 USD
paid by instalments
every 2 weeks
All Standard features
2x businesses
Business Plan
Bizezi Advisor
375 USD / year
4 x 93.75 USD
paid by instalments
every 2 weeks
All Gold features
Client Dashboard
Bizezi Corporate
Price on Application
4 x NaN USD
paid by instalments
every 2 weeks
All Advisor features
Corporate Dashboard

Have you ever wondered how to:

  • understand your business model?
  • compete with a deeper understanding of your business?
  • really know your customer?
  • look at the 'jigsaw' of your business?
  • connect the dots of your business elements so they make sense?
  • see how much the business needs to pay you?

Bizezi answers those questions.

Whether you want a Lite touch or the full hog with Gold the B!zezi can help.

Sure, the app can help you with your Business Plan, but how much more powerful are you when you really know and understand your business model.

From the entrepreneur in startup to the existing business to business advisers B!zezi answers questions you haven’t thought of yet.

10% of the final payment will be directed to MSF (Doctors without Borders) to support the incredible work they do.

Join a community of entrepreneurs building businesses together
Founded by Tony Henderson-Newport, b!zezi is the ultimate business plan hack for entrepreneurs, business advisors, business training organisations and lending or finance institutions looking for a more in-depth business plan. We have developed a world-class business planning tool specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs (either with an existing business, an idea or a start-up) to really understand their business model. We run accelerated business planning courses with the intent of providing more in-depth knowledge on the business model with the business plan as an outcome.
B!zezi gamifies the front end of the business plan providing the perfect business planning template to help business owners test and validate their ideas and assumptions. At the same time the app gives business owners and entrepreneurs insight into their market segments, value propositions, business strengths and weaknesses, and more... b!zezi is full of helpful hints, tips and tricks as well as some great functionality.
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