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One of the most essential elements for any business is a SWOT analysis. The first part of Bizezi is an enabler to building your business story. This simple matrix (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) will get you thinking about your competitors, your product and its market, and so much more...
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SWOT Analysis
And Threats
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BM Canvas
Market Segments
Value Proposition
Revenue and Costs
Financial Forecast
Personal Living Budget
Cashflow Forecast
Business Plan
Eelevator Pitch
Executive Summary

10% of the final payment will be directed to MSF (Doctors without Borders) to support the incredible work they do.

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Founded by Tony Henderson-Newport, b!zezi is the ultimate business plan hack for entrepreneurs, business advisors, business training organisations and lending or finance institutions looking for a more in-depth business plan. We have developed a world-class business planning tool specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs (either with an existing business, an idea or a start-up) to really understand their business model. We run accelerated business planning courses with the intent of providing more in-depth knowledge on the business model with the business plan as an outcome.
B!zezi gamifies the front end of the business plan providing the perfect business planning template to help business owners test and validate their ideas and assumptions. At the same time the app gives business owners and entrepreneurs insight into their market segments, value propositions, business strengths and weaknesses, and more... b!zezi is full of helpful hints, tips and tricks as well as some great functionality.
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