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Are you launching a new business, venturing into a new market or just looking to understand your business model? These interactive limited number sessions are perfect for all stages of business.

Bite-Sized Business Masterclasses

Practical hands on sessions for budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners alike.
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Bite-sized masterclasses
Simon Paine


Simon is Co-founder and global CEO of the PopUp Business School (now known as Rebel Business School). He spent ten years as a police officer in the UK and spent the next ten experimenting with business ideas, the music industry and occasionally a ‘proper’ job. He set up a centre for entrepreneurship, ran a regional enterprise service for disadvantaged people before becoming Head of Client Service at a a leadership consultancy. He has coached, trained and facilitated senior leaders from some of the world’s most famous brands including Microsoft, British Airways, and Thomson Reuters.

Outside of PopUp he is a musician, makes art, drinks Yemeni coffee and loves new ideas. As Dad to three boys he watches a lot of weekend sport, operates a parent taxi service and avoids DIY at all costs.

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Founded by Tony Henderson-Newport, b!zezi is the ultimate business plan hack for entrepreneurs, business advisors, business training organisations and lending or finance institutions looking for a more in-depth business plan. We have developed a world-class business planning tool specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs (either with an existing business, an idea or a start-up) to really understand their business model. We run accelerated business planning courses with the intent of providing more in-depth knowledge on the business model with the business plan as an outcome.
B!zezi gamifies the front end of the business plan providing the perfect business planning template to help business owners test and validate their ideas and assumptions. At the same time the app gives business owners and entrepreneurs insight into their market segments, value propositions, business strengths and weaknesses, and more... b!zezi is full of helpful hints, tips and tricks as well as some great functionality.
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