Entrepreneurial risk and strategies to minimize and mitigate it

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic journey filled with opportunities and challenges, and one of the most significant factors entrepreneurs face is risk. 

Let's look at market segments

So, the real question is: Who is your audience? And if I was to ask a second question it might be: Why is that important?

Follow excellence and success will chase you!

It was a journey indeed. Watching a movie called ‘The 3 Idiots’; an Indian Bollywood movie with sub-titles that was an unexpected delight.

Let's make a plan, let’s build a business! (Part 2)

One of the reasons we built Bizezi was to enable individuals and teams everywhere to test and validate business ideas.

In times of uncertainty, there is no better time to plan (Part 1)

If there is no better time to plan than in times of uncertainty, then, just maybe it is time to create a different future.

The Ripple Effect

As an entrepreneur I like that others in the ‘ideas-to-reality-game’ are solving a problem others have.

What if writing a business plan was FUN!

A business plan does have real relevance in the business world… but in truth it has its place and time…

The Next Decade

It’s been a long time since 2010... but ask yourself what’s happened in the past decade?

The Festive season

Surprisingly this blog is more about bringing some sanity to this festive season than it is about promoting our Bizezi app.

Why banks need a new approach to entrepreneurship in 2020

Banks have a traditional approach to finance which doesn’t necessarily sit easily with millennials or, dare I say, entrepreneurs period!

Making your bank’s ‘money discussion’ much easier

A bank wants to know the money it lends is going to be safe. True right!

Gamifying the creation of your business plan

Recently I met a millennial entrepreneur who has had a business plan template sitting on his home screen, unfilled, for 18 months.

The ultimate business plan hack

In ‘normal’ business a bank, financier, investor, supplier or other stakeholder might very well ask for your business plan.