About Bizezi

Welcome to Bizeziapp.com, the ultimate web-based app empowering small business startups and entrepreneurs towards financial clarity and business excellence. Founded in 2019 by Tony Henderson-Newport, Bizezi bridges the crucial gap between initial business idea validation and crafting a bank-ready business plan.

The Bizezi platform is designed to solve two core issues:

  • providing entrepreneurs with the education and clarity needed to refine their business models; and
  • ensuring banks receive comprehensive business plans demonstrating due diligence.

Bizezi equips startup founders with tools for education, validation, and the creation of a data-driven business plan, ready for any adjustments required for success.

Why Bizezi?

  • Simplifies business concepts for easy understanding.
  • Offers a structured approach for confident business planning.
  • Supplies comprehensive tools for a detailed, adaptable business plan.

Join the community of entrepreneurs using Bizezi to transform their business ideas into validated, finance-ready plans. Discover how our application can support your startup's growth on our Product page.

Embrace your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and clarity with Bizezi — your partner in business planning and success.