The B!zezi Bite-sized Business Masterclasses

Welcome to the 90 Day Business Challenge!

In a time of uncertainty, there is no better time to plan!

At Bizezi we recognised that now was a great time, with enforced isolation to enable people in different countries to have some fun with the by-product of creating a business.

The only competitor in this game is you

Have you got a business idea or an existing business? And we would like to say there is a prize, but like so many other businesses... we are also ‘hunkering down’.

What we want you to have is an opportunity

Use the tool to create a business and really understand the business idea. That learning and the attitude of entrepreneurial spirit you bring, that is also part of the game.

Here is how it works

Bizezi will guide you through

SWOT analysis

You define your business strengths, weaknesses and more.

Business Model Canvas

Where you really explore your business or business idea.

Financial forecast

This is not complex, rather Bizezi looks at revenue and costs you have identified earlier in the game.

Business Plan

This is where it all comes together.

See why people rely on Bizezi

"Thanks to the Bizezi app I have completed my business plan with the easy step by step process that was straight forward and simple. The Bizezi tabs are also helpful to ensure that you have a clear description of your business if you get stuck. The Bizezi app is a tool that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to create a solid business plan."
Helen · Manukau, New Zealand
Important Stuff: Bizezi is a Freemium model. That means that there is a portion that is free and then there is a charge... What we have done is create a 50% promo code just for this game (90DAYCHALLENGE). That means that the US$4/month (billed annually US$48) is now only US$2/month (billed annually US$24). Please go to: Pricing and What’s included to find out more. We would love to make the whole game free, but we are also a small business hunkering down at this time.
Join a community of entrepreneurs building businesses together
Founded by Tony Henderson-Newport, b!zezi is the ultimate business plan hack for entrepreneurs, business advisors, business training organisations and lending or finance institutions looking for a more in-depth business plan. We have developed a world-class business planning tool specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs (either with an existing business, an idea or a start-up) to really understand their business model. We run accelerated business planning courses with the intent of providing more in-depth knowledge on the business model with the business plan as an outcome.
B!zezi gamifies the front end of the business plan providing the perfect business planning template to help business owners test and validate their ideas and assumptions. At the same time the app gives business owners and entrepreneurs insight into their market segments, value propositions, business strengths and weaknesses, and more... b!zezi is full of helpful hints, tips and tricks as well as some great functionality.
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